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Welcome to the American Politics Wiki

Web design firm Lexington Development and jointly announced that the American Politics Wiki, containing more than 400 encyclopedic articles is ready for public use and its status is officially changed from Beta to Stable. Page visit counters have been reset to accurately gauge public interest. If you are interested in following the growth of the American Politics Wiki, please visit the APW real time statistics. We wish to thank readers and contributors who participated in the beta. The public is encouraged to use the American Politics Wiki knowledge base as a research tool for all subjects about American Politics. Please Sign Up for a free account and become active in the American Politics Wiki Community.

Welcome to the AmericanPoliticsWiki

Intelligent US Politics and its Publisher Scott Schaefer are pleased to welcome you to the AmericanPoliticsWiki, a wiki project focused entirely on American Politics. Launched September 15, 2012, the AmericanPoliticsWiki, which was originally conceived as a website platform for managing internal content for Intelligent US Politics expanded its role to serve as an online library for political research. What should have been a simple enough task has evolved into an online platform with research resources for students, researchers and the local community. Much like Wikipedia, the American Politics Wiki is built using MediaWiki software, and is organized and styled according to the same formatting styles as Wikipedia, in order to provide a wiki experience which is as familiar to our visitors as possible.


While the American Politics Wiki is by no means Wikipedia, which has become the largest encyclopedia ever to exist, we hope the American Politics Wiki will be one of the fastest growing wikis of any real substance. We will continue adding content at a break neck pace, but our focus will remain on quality over quantity.

Growth of American Politics Wiki

The number of contributors is increasing rapidly, but content contributions have been clamped down because we have had to restrict new article creation. We experienced thousands of new accounts and articles, but most of it was what Google calls link spam. Thus, until security measures are fully implemented, only users who are individually approved are permitted to create content. Please me and request approval, and we'll get you set up immediately.

We have added dozens of AmericanPolitics:Extensions to continue extending the functionality and have been focusing on enhancing aesthetics with slick looking images like you see in the header at the top of this page. Web development skills notwithstanding, we could use some graphic design contributions.

New Content

As you navigate through the American Politics Wiki, please note our New This Month to stay abreast of the new features, content articles and extensions new to the American Politics Wiki.

Contribute to American Politics Wiki

That being said, until this wiki more fully matures, many articles need enhancement of some sort to achieve the quality standards we seek. If you have an active interest in American politics or American history this is an appeal to Create an account and become a Contributor to the American Politics Wiki. If you encounter an existing page that you believe requires improvement, improve it. If you notice a gap in our knowledge base, fill it. If you just have something you have always wanted to add or publish (and you know you do) write it. We could use the help and you will almost certainly enjoy doing it. Go ahead, Sign Up and jump right in. If you are not ready to go it alone, please glance through and join one of our projects. Once again, welcome. Please login if you are a registered user or create a free account now. We have listed some links below to help you get started. Or, if you already have a destination in mind, head that way, or begin with your first search. Please also visit Intelligent US Politics every chance you get.

Getting started

Ready to get started? Check out the New Users Help Page.

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